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They may have been fundamentalists or died in a religious war. Uranus in Capricorn, the 10th house or in aspect to Saturn: The way the individual is perceived by society, religion, their parents, or any situation in which authority applies itself judgmentally has been a source of trauma. There may be memories of being born into very cold family situations in which duty, devotion to order and social standing took precedence over love and understanding. There may also be memories of intense persecution or imprisonment from society or political regimes for not fitting in or having acted in a rebellious way.

Because of this, these people crack under societal pressure. In this life or other lives there is a theme of having been at the mercy of insecure, absent, tyrannical or bullying fathers, bosses, and political figures. People who wielded their power and authority without empathy and mistreated others as a result. Uranus in Aquarius or the 11th house: Here there is tremendous dissociation, as if the self has become a fragmentary identity.

Uranus in Pisces, the 12th house or in aspect to Neptune: Trauma often accompanies a sense of being overwhelmed by larger forces. It can also correspond to certain psychological states of imprisonment or enslavement, or even chosen imprisonment. Chiron will tell you about your wound and how you empathize with others who have that same wound. It is your healing super power. When Chiron is retrograde, trauma is unlikely to be fully acknowledged or addressed in this lifetime.

A bit of insight: what you desire to heal in others reflects what needs to be healed in yourself. Knowing this can help you understand unhealthy relationship patterns you may find yourself in. Without exception, we all ask our relationships to heal these wounds for us until we are conscious of them. Look to planetary aspects from Chiron in these houses as well. The validation you give to others is the validation you struggle to feel in yourself. Growing up you felt unseen for the unique person you were, and you often felt like you were put last and your feelings were never considered.

You strive to make others feel special in the way you longed as a child. In relationships, you go out of your way to cultivate and support the unique aspects of your partners and friends and are deeply hurt when they fail to see what is special in you. The security you wish to provide for your loved ones is the material and physical security you long to feel in your life.

Scarcity in childhood continues to be a subconscious motivator throughout your life and work. In relationships, your instinct is to pick up the check and stock the fridge and you long for someone who will provide the same for you. You encourage others to speak and acknowledge their voice because you rarely feel heard and understood.

Growing up, elementary teachers or difficult siblings may have left you feeling inadequate with little of value to contribute. Your understanding of this pain motivates you to really listen to others. These people often make excellent teachers and counselors. Your desire for a family that loves and cares for you in the way you need compels you to provide a welcoming atmosphere for friends and loved ones. The same open-door policy of acceptance that you provide for others is what you long to receive in return. You applaud the creative works of your friends and family and admire their brave individualism while diminishing identical aspects in yourself.

Growing up, you may have felt that your creativity was less than celebrated and now feel uneasy about putting that part of yourself on display. Rather than step into the limelight, you prefer to shine the spotlight on others while wishing for it to shine on yourself. Also, because the 5th house is associated with children, people with this Chiron placement are often drawn to kids but are hesitant or sometimes unable to have children themselves.

You excel at providing others with joy and pleasure, but struggle to feel the same lightness in yourself. A lack of structure, or too much structure early in life impels you to provide others with what you lacked. This placement is associated with detailed observation and planning as an expression of caring. The 6th house association with chaos or rigidity can manifest as somatization the physical manifestation of mental issues.

Chiron here can compel an interest in healing others as a way to unconsciously heal the self, and is often associated with work in healthcare environments. Chiron here is indicative of early relationships that may have felt combative, destructive, or evasive rather than harmonious and fulfilling. To heal this wound, you seek out relationships where you are the peace keeper or mediator. Others value and trust you easily as a friend, but you struggle to feel that same trust in return.

How to know If you are in a Karmic Relationship

As a child you are at your most trusting. Chiron here speaks of someone violating that trust so completely that you struggle to open up even to your closest friends. Yet, you are able to provide loved ones with a trusting and secure environment so they feel save to open up completely to you. You intuit what others need to feel safe, and long to find another who can do the same for you. You may have grown up in a house or community that enforced a belief system antithetical to who you fundamentally are as a person.

To liberate yourself, you strive to liberate others from oppressive regimes and ways of thinking. You encourage others to transcend limitations and grow into the people they are meant to become. So much pressure was placed on you as a child to grow up, be responsible, and achieve as much as possible that you began to deeply resent expectations of any kind. To heal this wound, you long to be in a position of power over yourself. You allow others to define success for themselves and find it difficult to tell others what to do.

When in positions of leadership, you inspire intrinsic motivation in those who work with you. Growing up, you may have felt an outcast — always looking in on groups you wished you belonged to. The pain of being an outsider led you to others who also felt cast aside and compelled you to champion those who never quite fit in. You have a rich inner life that you were unable to share with others growing up. A safe place retreat to when the outside world becomes too much to handle, as time goes on you may find yourself increasingly unwilling to leave sometimes tumbling towards madness.

This is often said to be a rather karmic placement for Chiron, as it represents someone who carrying the pain of their ancestors.

Paper-thin boundaries between reality, imagination, and spirituality often drives you into isolation as a way for you to reflect and recharge. In general, so much of the 12th house is hidden, that deep psychological and spiritual healing is needed before liberation is possible. This awareness often drives them to escapist tendencies, which only serve to further imprison and isolate.

However, if they are able to accept and transmute their Chironic pain into the physical world, they can leverage the veil to heal and move the collective through art, music, innovation, and spirituality. Continuing his journey, the Fool comes upon a beautiful and mysterious veiled lady enthroned between two pillars and illuminated by the moon.

The High Priestess doesn't speak. We do not always work on karma in a linear fashion. Here is a more comprehensive list of astrological correlations to past lives and karma:. It is the Sun and Ascendant sign that indicate the primary purpose of a given incarnation. It is the starting point in your life. It is what your soul has chosen to do in this lifetime. The South Node symbolizes multiple past incarnations and represents unresolved wounds, tragedies, limitations, and failures, which could interfere with your ability to fulfill your soul contract in this lifetime.

The sign of the South Node indicates who you were and what your soul contract was in the past. The house of the South Node indicates information on the physical scene of your past life. The sign and house of the North Node symbolizes the characteristics of your current life task.

Past life aspects in Synastry - Lindaland

The North Node represents the future and points to paths to travel for growth. The North Node is the growth path required to clear this karmic pattern. People who push your emotional buttons often have nodal connections between your chart and theirs. These prenatal eclipses have a profound influence you and the energy pattern follows you throughout your life. The Solar Eclipse sign determines what your gift to teach others is. The Lunar Eclipse sign indicates the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime.

An unoccupied house indicates that this is an area of life that is not relevant in your current life. You may have already completed the karma of learning from that house in past lifetimes or you will deal with this house in future incarnations.

Ketu And Past Life Relationships

The 7th and 8th Houses are the relationship houses and can show relationship karma. The 7th House covers all aspects of relationships including lovers, marriage, business, and enemies from both the past and present. The 8th House is about how you give and share yourself with others. The planets in the 12th House and aspects to them, the sign on the 12th House cusp, and other signs in the 12th House provide information about your karma.

Karmic relationships are always intense, but they may or may not be soulmates

The 12th House is considered a karmic house, a house that shows memories and unfinished business from past lives. A karmic debt or repayment is likely if one or more planets are found in the 12th House, especially if they are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto. The 12th House represents your 1st House traits from your previous life, which were your personality characteristics and which may be hidden in your current life. If the same sign is on the cusp of both the l2th and 1st houses, it may indicate what a continued existence, which means the previous life was interrupted before its purposes were fulfilled.

Stellia point to significant issues regarding concerns, feelings, reactions, and drives with which you have dealt before and are coming up again in your current life. A stellium also points to areas where you have had specific skills and talents in the past. These can be brought forward into your current life. The outer planets have a much stronger karmic influence on you. Outer planets positions when retrograde, intercepted, or involved with water houses correlate to groups of individuals who have chosen to reincarnate together and have similar issues.

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It indicates the time period in which you developed the spiritual and psychological foundations that provide the belief structure of your current life. If Saturn is involved in a karmic configuration, achievement is very important to you. If Mercury is involved in a karmic configuration, communication is very important to you. If Venus is involved in a karmic configuration, love and self-worth is very important to you. If Mars is involved in a karmic configuration, will, power, and physical activities are very important to you.

If Jupiter is involved in a karmic configuration, social opportunity, luck, and reward are very important to you.

If Uranus is involved in a karmic configuration, aliveness is very important to you. Uranus reveals when your soul developed the spiritual understandings that will help transform what Saturn indicates you are working on now. If Neptune is involved in a karmic configuration, emotional ecstasy and creative pursuits are very important to you. Neptune can show the age in which your present artistic, psychic, or mystical abilities were developed.

If Pluto is involved in a karmic configuration, fearlessness and empowerment are very important to you. Pluto indicates how you signed on to help humanity. Pluto retrograde shows when you created karma that you signed up to balance in this lifetime. The blockages in a planet square the nodal axis must be released before the soul contract can be fulfilled. The Ascendant, Descendant, and Midheaven work the same way as planets when they are aligned with the south node. Saturn in square and opposite aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars indicate a karmic debt or repayment.

Note that absence of these aspects does not necessarily mean there is no karmic debt.