Astrology birth dates

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Birth Date Astrology

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Other Zodiac Sign Profiles

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Here's when not to ignore your subconscious. Here are the correct dates for the star signs:. You are a study in contradictions.

Star Sign Dates & Traits

Although compassionate, humanitarian, and egalitarian at least in theory, you can also be domineering when the mood strikes you. Your moods and behavior swings can be frustrating for others and for yourself! You love to debate and you have a way with words.

What Your Birth Date Says About Your Personality

You are not tolerant of narrow-minded thinking. You possess considerable strength of character, and partnership is extremely important to you.

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You live by your own truth and you are responsible. These forecasts also incorporate Numerology and Personal Year Numbers.

Chinese Zodiac: 12 Animal Signs, Calculator, Origin, App

Astrology holds that the Sun, the Moon, and the planets represent different facets of who you are and express their energies through the signs that they occupy in your birth chart. This table shows the astrological symbol for each of those celestial bodies plus the Nodes of the Moon and the asteroid Chiron and what it represents.

Just as the band of sky where the Sun, the Moon, and the planets can be found is divided into 12 signs, an astrological chart is divided into 12 houses. Each astrological house influences different areas of your life, as shown in this table:. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf.